Why the need for integrated marketing

in the past, the traditional marketing mode is summed up, only to hear a sound (television, radio, newspapers, and personally feel no difference what) and the customer has not only love to hear a sound, on the Internet this another voice exists, for more information.


No matter how

change is coming, we expect to reach a consensus is: must have more timely marketing to create powerful brand concept.

integrated marketing in the rise of the Internet, especially the application of Web2.0, users and customers to obtain information way, more channels, the traditional marketing methods can not meet the.

2, more conducive to the flow of information within the company, to achieve the internal staff communication, which can effectively avoid the processing of a department of another department is undeserved and cause unnecessary trouble.


so, why should we integrated marketing

The concept of the origin of

4, can better meet the needs of consumers, in order to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises, so as to realize the integration of the enterprise’s long-term planning and recent activities.

previously only through television, newspapers, radio and other ways to understand the relevant information. The rise of the Internet, lead to changes in the way of access to information, forum, blog, micro-blog. From passive to active acquisition, traditional marketing methods can not meet the. The Internet also makes businesses communicate with customers more convenient, more interactive, through the interaction to understand the needs of customers.

The new requirements of

integrated marketing is a revolution, integrated marketing means change. You can think of, where are you from? You can think, you will go where?

1, according to customer demand, integrated marketing can dig the potential customers, potential customers can take better into prospective customers.

3, in line with the trend of the development of social economy and the enterprise marketing proposed, is conducive to optimizing the allocation of enterprise resources, enterprise combination, so as to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

traditional marketing and network marketing is indispensable, the traditional marketing authority is unable to substitute network marketing. Both traditional and network are very important, the user purchase behavior, we can know that can influence at any stage. Many users may contact marketing in place can increase the maximum conversion rate, so the need for integrated marketing, both are important.

at the same time, the age of the Internet, the market is more fragmented, the target population is more dispersed; a segment of the market customers, may not be completely centralized or relatively concentrated, the traditional way is difficult to access to all target groups. To change the behavior of users, but also businesses have to integrate marketing, previously only through television, newspapers to understand. Now understand more information channels.

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