How to optimize your web site beyond the old Shanghai Dragon

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Shanghai dragon industry many novice are from the construction optimize your blog began, but the Shanghai dragon fierce competition in the industry, for the novice how to optimize your web site is a very troublesome problem. How to optimize your website as soon as possible and can go beyond the old station? Shanghai Longfeng Jones to share innovative ideas.

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if the novice Shanghai dragon is also the day to study how to deceive the search engine, find some old content, in the text of the pseudo original percent how much and how many words you write around, always cannot achieve the same advantage and old station. The old Shanghai dragon this experience is certainly a lot more than you do. You have to read a lot of articles, even across the industry for reference, the new idea of introducing Shanghai dragon industry, so you can form their own unique advantages compared to the previous, your website content is enough to attract peer reading

in Shanghai search engine focusing on the customer experience today, we better do website experience. Don’t miss the chance to attract visitors, do not let any one be attracted to site traffic, analysis of user needs, the viscosity of higher social way, visitors, keep close communication and stimulate the visit, make website faithful.


chain strategy: the chain and drainage, two pronged approach to

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this paper by Beijing Shanghai Longfeng Jones (www. Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝) starting A5, please keep the

!The accumulation of

ordinary chain, you could not go beyond the old Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station accumulation. Only the chain and drainage of both, and the accumulation of the high quality chain. Before to win, we should take quality and breakthrough, to the visitors into their Shanghai dragon website. This will allow to website optimization effort, you have

Several new ideas !

content strategy: insight thought, new

the above is the Shanghai dragon Jones share, in the implementation of how to do but cannot do without the previous basic technical framework. But remember that we don’t stick to the Shanghai dragon old routine, doing the way to innovation. As the saying goes, the same way! Understand this, give full play to your ability and cleverness, beat the old station is the Shanghai dragon Jones point the day and await for it! Looking forward to good news everyone!

user experience: excellence, drop into the sea

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