How to analyze the optimization of Shanghai keywords difficult degree of love

domain name weight is the highest, if the number of top-level domains, indicating the word number of website promotion Keywords more. As can be imagined, this keyword optimization difficulty will be relatively greater. According to the analysis, if the top-level domain name and website to do more. It also shows that the keyword optimization is difficult. Because the weight of the portal and the top-level domain is better than

this is one of the most basic parameters, reflects a key heat, the more relevant web pages more hot keywords. First, we should analyze the keyword. Input the keyword in Shanghai love, and then see how many relevant results. If the more the greater the difficulty. But it is not certain! Like some words, just hot, do not people, but the search of many people, naturally love Shanghai high index.

view the keyword search results in the update frequency and update cycle, this factor will affect the optimization of our life cycle. Those keywords low frequent updates to us more opportunities.

view matching keywords with the web page

some of the ranking is good site

second: love Shanghai search results number of a domain

third: the keyword search results number

Relevant website

keyword is popular, can love Shanghai index reflected. In general, the love of Shanghai index is higher, the greater the difficulty of optimization. Shanghai love index were a keyword search index is high, the reaction heat, search volume, so do the optimization of the word is more. Competition is naturally more intense, keyword optimization difficulty is relatively large.

fifth: analysis of keywords ranking good competition website

analysis of competitors, it can be judged from the number of external links, reverse link quality, keyword density, snapshot, chain optimization, domain name registration time etc.. If the ranking of retrieved by the number of the chain of the site before, the number of backlinks, high quality, reasonable keyword density (about 2% to 8%), snapshot update fast, chain optimization, domain name registration time early, then, the competitor’s website optimization is good, the optimization to the front, optimization the difficulty is relatively large. For the noble baby optimization, the size of the chain directly determines our optimization difficulty, if it is more than thousands of the chain site in the front row, that beyond it will be more difficult.


fourth: update time snapshot of the.


do a lot of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng friends do not know if the Shanghai dragon service quotation, the degree of competition, this actually depends on the keywords you do the commercial value, the degree of difficulty, so how to determine the difficulty of optimization keywords? The Nanjing Shanghai dragon conducted a comprehensive analysis.


analysis: first love Shanghai

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