Senior Site outside the chain operation strategy that you do not know

so, Shanghai dragon outside the station released outside the chain, will be able to attract spiders crawl page to the website

two: the form of the chain

2: link


1: pure text

a lot of Shanghai dragon thinks that the chain has not much effect on Shanghai dragon, which is not the case. The chain for Shanghai dragon is very helpful, but the premise is the quality of the chain.

must first understand the role of the chain of

What are the website

the content of the web site to be included, the need to attract spiders to crawl the site. The spider is through the link to find new content and site

is the chain link form can click, the anchor text link. For example source code:

3: bring traffic to the site

2: increase the weight of

贵族宝贝haitao of Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

is the chain link, so the chain can also transfer the weight. So the quality of the chain can increase the voting to the site, the ranking is helpful

form text is no way to click in the source code, is a

form is the anchor text chain can click, the anchor text is the keyword. For example source code:

? For example,

Your blog


Zhu Haitao from the media blog chain are of high quality, why?

now almost all high quality sites do not allow other websites in their own site outside the chain, thus the chain resources more and more difficult to obtain. A lot of Shanghai dragon ran some junk forum or website to release the chain, the chain of this quality is very poor, of course for Shanghai dragon would not help much.

at present, outside the chain of love for Shanghai 3 forms are identified and can give weight, so the hair of the chain in any form can be used. However, the chain is not issued to that effect

.For example,


: a


1: to attract spider web site

贵族宝贝haitao Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

is a website to produce benefits, there must be a user through the chain, we can attract potential users to browse our website and then converted to

< >

come to learn what forms of the chain:

The chain The following

3: anchor text form

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