Shanghai dragon Er can not miss the special flow and opportunity

I see an e-commerce website to do is quite good, that is dangdang贵族宝贝. They launched a special discount, 38, 62% off. This creative promotions not only make consumers happy, also can let businesses pocketed the eye, to provide their own brand of. Of course, like dangdang贵族宝贝 this kind of promotion which is limited to certain.


you may see this title may be a bit puzzled, what is the special flow. Special flow refers to weekdays not on the case, some traffic is only a special time. (of course not only can flow, according to the special nature of your industry and product, the author grasp this special flow) to this part of the traffic flow known as special, such as some hot events, some movie previews, special traffic some festivals etc.. These traffic to go faster, and great flow. If the flow of e-commerce and then results will have the effect is quite good.

I think of this is how things? Because today I opened the website traffic statistics look. That is called a 38 Funny SMS keyword brought most of the traffic, we look at the pictures

like these keywords competition degree is not large, as long as we in the page in the website the key layout slightly better, rich in content, then add the inner chain. The ranking will soon go up, of course, if we want to maximize the flow of this special period, and this period also have to put all the keywords related mining. Like Match 8 Women’s Day this holiday we can dig out the joke: 38, 38 women’s Day jokes, jokes, jokes and so on Match 8 Women’s Day. If the site is not enough to use these keywords. When can go with the third party platform drainage, such as love Shanghai know, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar, watercress and so on these high weight platform, of course, like some of the strength of the e-commerce companies can also do special. This targeted introduction to the flow rate will be greater, the conversion rate will be higher. As long as you in this special day coming up all these layout well, the day arrived, to ensure your site traffic soared. In fact, like this festival not only can flow, of course if you do e-commerce, you can also combine some of your products do e-commerce, it is also a good opportunity. Not just traffic so simple.

in this work day, mind dizzy, I do not know the sun, a look at the original thought of the women of tomorrow is our compatriots Festival – Match 8 Women’s Day, blame the word search volume shall come up all of a sudden so much. Remember when this keyword or just make the site last year I do think this year, but also brought me so much traffic. In fact, this kind of flow is predictable, as long as we are in the key words make up a few days ago, so direct until this day, traffic will surge.

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