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this is perhaps a lot of people do not believe that the fact that the person in charge of many small and medium-sized companies, as long as spend thousands of yuan to do a website, every day will have received endless list. No culture more terrible! This fact leads to the result is that many small boss thinks network company is a liar, or spend thousands of dollars to do the site, why not have sales or even visit? Blind related website construction and network marketing is also more than that, is often in contact with the Internet, I am afraid there are quite a few think, or do website optimization promotion is the network marketing. But in reality, the park is confined to thinking of website optimization marketing concept among the people, is not in the minority. The fact indeed, compared with website optimization, network marketing and network marketing is more extensive, a throughout the process, the website optimization is just one way and the way. The author thinks that, in order to optimize or ranking and ignore the user experience, and even blindly relying on the website optimization and give up other more effective way of marketing, network marketing but not have the order reversed.

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what way, what is the website to get good rankings of purpose? The answer may ultimately only one each one has its own merits, however, allowing users to easily find and have the desire to buy, to promote sales. Therefore, a successful professional website design is very important, because only the good first impression, is buying and selling can be contributed to the final. And all this is so important, many companies ignored in the construction site, we can get a keyword, such as "Shanghai network company", you will find many websites in order to optimize the optimization, keyword stuffing even throughout the full of the original artifacts. The end result is that the ranking short time rise, the surge in traffic and not bring sales to rise.

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search engine promotion Keywords single click costs rising, many companies started to bid Voices of discontent. However, the search engine keyword ranking, is undoubtedly the most effective and most direct way to network marketing. Search engine keywords > Guangzhou

, on the site optimization, ignore the user experience

two, rely on the website optimization, ignore search extension

user experience how important, as long as this can think of perception. A web site, the user experience is not ideal, the first can not effectively promote sales turnover, the lack of humanization website, not taking into account the user experience of the website, will give users a very bad impression. Many people think that the subconscious, the effect of the user experience and site optimization, two are not both is contradictory. Indeed, the search engines love writing things, to capture images, FLASH and JS effects and so on, but it can be very good to improve the user experience. In fact, although both have local conflicts, but not contradictory, because a good user experience and search engine unremitting efforts.

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