The website Links how to play the ultimate

(4) love Shanghai search site: other website domain name, home is no longer the first not to exchange links, because this site is likely to be punished, is down right;

1. Links when we want to study the exchange links to other websites, so we ask the site to certain conditions can be exchanged with our website:

(5) link using nofollow tags or links using JS code is not exchange, because such links cannot deliver value.

Shanghai dragon knows to do Links, but look, most of the Links do not good, there is no real use of the column to improve the weights of the site, I briefly talk about how to do Links system, said:

3. find what kind of chain is the most appropriate, this is a lot of people headaches, the blind pursuit of PR, such as data collection, through 2 years of combat experience, I think the links need to find the same industry and keywords ranking site exchange links, I find this is a chain of principle also, the successful use of the trick of a chain, my approach is: the same industry input keywords love Shanghai, is home to find the top 20 web pages ranking in the front is not, then all the way to find these sites in the webmaster, finally talk about exchange links.

2. a lot of people have a love link control link, a day to do a few good, accumulated home Links accounted for 1/3 of the number of pages, the chain of amazing, but I think that the number Links control between 20 and 35 is most appropriate, too many connected to the website optimization the adverse chain station, if more than 80 Links, even more than 100, then your website will be at risk, is likely to be the search engine that is linked to factories, and we can often see this phenomenon, PR is very high, a lot of Links, but the ranking is very poor, this website is blind do friends chain, forget what to do friends chain.

(3) other website home page with the jump time, not to exchange links, if the exchange will then create their own website;

4. link, you will find the webmaster exchange links after contact, talk about the exchange is the most annoying, the other asked: PR, included? This time I will show your site’s advantages, such as: the entire station links to the other website, keywords ranking good, the other is a link station killer, basically will fix many webmaster, in fact the whole.

(2) the other site outbound links number less than 50, because the other D-Link nearly 80 will likely be the search engine that is linked to other factories, and outbound links more, giving you the value of the site less;

(1) other sites included at least more than 10, included in the 1 site is likely to be punished;

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