How do see half a month to do keywords

Shanghai dragon is a craft, you know more, if not used to practice is not enough. I do Shanghai dragon fast four months I’ve pursued by Shanghai dragon on the principle, I have found problems in practice. Nonsense not say how I look in just half a month to a new 90% keywords to do on my website home page, www.ahjiekuan贵族宝贝, key words are Hefei microfinance loan companies in Hefei. The keyword index is not high but the competition is very fierce in general are home ten is for the web site.

as the site itself in Shanghai Longfeng optimization so the station optimization did not do too much of the article, focus is the chain. The chain in this correlation, nature, dispersion to do. I do three pieces of the chain is mainly classified information, as of 58, the market, such as list, weight high included fast. There is a B2B website, because many B2B websites can build your own web site, you can release products, news with friends of the chain can also add this is a single.

is basically and the title is not very different, the keywords are: Hefei Hefei small loans, short-term loans, loan companies in Hefei, Hefei private lending, Hefei real estate mortgage, Hefei automobile mortgage, large-scale project financing, Hefei investment Guarantee Corporation, Hefei financing loans. In the description part I keywords basically repeated two times, increase the frequency of keywords this website optimization is very good.

After the basic structure of the

is the first site to have a good website template, a good website program can reduce a lot of post optimization program. My website is easy enterprise CMS, this program is very friendly to Shanghai dragon, it is suitable for the enterprise but have a drawback is the site a bit chaotic unification of weights is not good, but for the enterprise stand for the problem is not big.

Keywords The

site is built in the selection of key words, because our company is doing small loans and investment credit so the title and keywords around this is to write. Title: Hefei microfinance _ Hefei private lending _ Hefei loan company _ Hefei investment Guarantee Corporation _ Hefei automobile mortgage loan financing _ Hefei – Anhui Feng Hui investment guarantee group. Basically covers all the main keywords, and in order to reduce the headline I combined the Hefei automobile mortgage loans and mortgage loans in Hefei.

web site to determine a good start to add articles, all my articles are original is according to the latest news to write, but also in the title of the article I and keywords in the first paragraph and the last paragraph are key words. About 5 articles are added when you want to search engine submission, my website first collected in July 3rd July, about ten to about 30 website snapshot is normal is the next snapshot, after the July 18th Shanghai love most keywords in the home page with exactly half a month.

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