The reason on site links not included experimental summary


1. select link.

2. team communication.

in some links for leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 need to send the chain, the chain to repeat the contents of the original and not included in the link, outside chain platform leads to higher weight, the search engine might think the same information not included. Which directly influence the experimental results.


not included content included, and explore the search engines on the web content, the influence of the chain is affected by this content.

experiment for the site link not included inquiry, because the experimental results did not reach the expected goal, there are many factors that influence the target is not completed, the summary for the future related work experience or test leave.


results: 1. search engines and internal links or not, and do not do the chain link station is not directly related to

3. (chain) on experimental steps.

according to the above described problems, through this experiment obtained the following lessons:

Objective: to make

just a few days ago wrote an article, is an experiment intended to "explore the search engine not included site content and chain factors have no relationship of the experiment", when doing the experiment summary, found that many of the details of cause of experimental results is not accurate, and for these reasons not to technical reasons but in terms of oversight and coordination degree, I think these reasons apply to any work in all aspects, so will my work summary write here to remind you.

The end of the experiment after

were found the following problems without adequate preparation, directly affects the observation and results of experiments, the results are not accurate:

in the experiment, divided into five parts, which are not included in the link is part of the chain and not part of the chain, and because the editorial department in the collection of links, so that each part is a chain, resulting in confusion of experimental material, the influence of the experimental results.

Be ready to work before the

total of 50 links, are not included in Shanghai love links, but only if the experiment based on a search engine, it is accidental and monotonous, the results do not have fully proved the significance.


1. before work, first make a careful plan, seeing the big picture, let the work to clear the purpose and results of.

2. in the experiment because of inadequate preparation and negligence, lead to inaccurate conclusions.

4. search engine.

nearly a month to search engines frequently update algorithm leads to the site included not stable, belong to the external factors, indirectly influence the experimental results.

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