Xenu detailed station dead link checker


Xenu the use of tools flow (Figure):

The results show the

Xenu the final detection result of

Xenu the initial interface

screenshot is when I click on the "state", because "click >

FTP input

suddenly someone asked me today, I check with the Chinaz chain chain detection is not very full, I have asked the Shanghai dragon tools, this of course, Xenu so powerful station chain inspection tools and people do not know, so I was in the group carried out a survey and asked more than 20 people actually, there are 20 do not know, I think I should put this Xenu dead link checking tools in detail and we talk about the


interface " check the URL below " the "open" is that open the local documents on file for inspection, check the URL list "and" open "the same;

through the picture you see, check after the tool will prompt whether we need to generate reports, if this report will enter FTP information, because it will pop up FTP information input window, and then give you the report. Figure:

you can see through the picture, Zhao Yangang emphasized to add 贵族宝贝, otherwise the consequences you know. The need to check the URL "and" don’t check. "Needless to say we can understand what I mean, is not nonsense, click on the confirmation will begin testing;

if you do not need to generate reports directly to shut down, then we can see the link station, dead link is clear, as shown in figure

Enter the URL in Xenu

Xenu detection interface

open the Xenu tool, select the file –> input need to check the –> website and click OK to start; detect –> detection will prompt whether to generate report selection is another window will pop up to generate upload input FTP information, otherwise it will choose to close the pop-up……. The following is in this order by using the Xenu tools.

Xenu is an indispensable tool for Shanghai dragon every Shanghai dragon Er should not say, although its function is very powerful, but for our webmaster is very useful, we first talk about the use of this tool is English method (Xenu version, but here I have Chinese crack version, we are interested in can add my QQ group: 9060800, in the group sharing download, here is Chinese version of the English, because most people don’t understand!)

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