Website optimization keywords choice is really key

four, mining problems, identify problems

in website optimization, we first consider is the choice of keywords. Because most users are the key words in the search engine search to get the information they want. So, we choose the appropriate keywords according to user search habits, is to do site optimization is very necessary. Website optimization brings good rankings to give us information, let us benefit, so we should attach importance to it, choosing the right keywords to do site optimization. Methods and skills of the importance and select the following topcell beauty Shanghai dragon Er illustrates the choice of keywords under the.

According to the

is a product or service (referred to as commodity), we can according to the characteristics of the commodity, such as appearance, price and use of property, or business to expand the commodity keyword combination growth tail keywords. Of course, we can also use the software to dig some long tail keywords.

three, subdivision characteristics, combination of long tail keywords

, a determined industry, a clear industry keywords

six, independent brands, independent creative keywords

keyword layout

five, leveraging the company, leveraging the


is a successful enterprise, have their own core business, core competitiveness. In order to develop for a long time, you should define their core business. With the core business, the core product or service, we can obtain the core keywords according to the product or service. Generally speaking, the core keyword is not so popular keywords industry, core keywords become our website optimization keywords main body.

two, the core business, core keywords finishing

we want to do network marketing, we must first determine our industry, find the industry keywords, some keywords is also the industry name, a commodity or a service class name. For example, clothing, books, electronics, machinery, Internet etc.. Of course segments of the industry, the industry segments can produce more keywords. In general, the industry keywords in the search is a popular word, is difficult to do, need long time accumulation and technology can stable the search results appear in the front row.

often do a certain product or service businesses more than one, there are a lot of peers. Then I look at the development of reference and observation of peer peer leveraging, leveraging the arrangement of keywords. Of course, we can also and peer exchange of resources, so to maximize efficiency.

China Internet data analysis, 30%-50% users will use to search, find a way to solve the problem. Therefore, the relevant problems we can dig goods, find keywords to seize the user group. Today, the development of a good platform of love in Shanghai know, Soso Ask, answer. We can also look at these platforms, find out the problems and their products related keywords.

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