Establishment and operation of regional information stationWill the founder of Snap run his company

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

for Facebook and personal life, Mark tried to build a transparent image. He worked in a full glass conference room where people could see who he was meeting. He will publish everything about himself on Facebook, from the challenges of the new year to the first steps of his daughter.

today I was planning to write a year-end column, but when I sit in San Francisco when a quiet cafe, I was on a SnapIPO strategy report distracted, I had to respond to. If this report is true, the Snap fired the bankers.

first, you can say some basic differences. Mark, 32, an engineer. Evan, 26, is proud of his design skills. Evan has a lot of fun in the fashion world, has made big films for Italian Vogue and bought fancy properties, while Mark has long tried to underestimate his wealth.

Evan’s office is covered in secrecy and security, and he rides in black

construction site before market analysis:

may many webmaster would say, I saw the network one is blank, is it late, depressed or sad. I think: no what a valuable website is the website service, is to make products and services, customer orientation is the right direction, first, to the service width into assets, not liabilities. To do this, the key lies in Integration: the combination of multiple independent services to form an experience that allows ordinary users to live more easily. In order to have a substantial and effective service, the market analysis must be done before the establishment of the station is established. This is the process of doing things, a good idea, there is no reasonable process, most of them will not succeed. The second aspect is to provide "vertical" content, such as making friends, sports and finance and other self featured services, to become a trusted regional portal. In other words, become the primary provider of some kind of information. The third aspect is that users want to be independent. Individually, specifically, there are two areas. 1, independent reviews: the question is: is this the best and most appropriate content for providing a variety of ‘vertical’ websites?" Less, better "vertical content", this independent user comments, a little use, may not only improve the quality of the content of the site, but also to establish the entire site and even the company’s brand and prestige. 2, independent management: let the user in the process of using this system is always feeling like my own design, do this step, is now almost a basic network or software, who do this, who achieved a successful website or software. Everyone is digging the market, mining technology and ideas, and now there are only a small number of websites and systems or products designed by the company to achieve this item.

construction site purpose and function:

has released a report in the Wall Street journal, said Snap will soon start IPO roadshow, positioning the next Facebook, and Snap Spiegel and Facebook Evan will hope banker Snap Mark Zuckerberg analogy. In this regard, The Information founder and editor Jessica E. Lessin said they did not agree, the second day issued a document to refute she thinks the two person, not only the analogy, and it is two different people, the two analogy is a dangerous thing, investors need to be wary of Snap. The following is the interface to compile this article.

on the issue of dealing with Snap IPO, investors can not assume that Snap CEO Evan Spiegel will operate like Facebook CEOMark Zuckerberg. These two people are different from the style of business to the business strategy, and the analogy between the two is a dangerous thing.

reports that Snap wants to put itself on the map of Facebook, and IPO bankers plan to rank Evan Spiegel as Mark Zuckerberg. Well, I’d love to hear what arguments these bankers have to support their judgment, and in my personal experience and interviews with two people, I firmly believe that these two people can’t be any different.

in fact, I’ve always thought they represent two completely different examples of successful leaders – anyone who studies Snap IPO expected in the coming year needs to understand that.

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