How entrepreneurs can avoid the pressure old masterA little experience of a webmaster do Wangzhuan

recently clicked on sites that have sprung up and come out a lot. Beginners, don’t do it blindly. It is best that webmaster Wangzhuan forum recommend the project to do. That’s all, my writing is rough

I do Wangzhuan time is not long, just half a year time, begin to do the domestic, domestic feeling more than a liar, even if it is really too small gains, so recently moved to foreign battlefield. Many people do not do abroad is the main language barrier, in fact, as long as you do, you will find foreign Wangzhuan practice roughly the same. No difference. So what I suggest novice started to do abroad, especially in the United States. After all, a lot of foreign Wangzhuan company is now very reputable.

this prospectus also shows that, for the Tang rock defense Li Yong, not just unfamiliar street early investors, but also the founder of unfamiliar street. In Li Yong’s defense letter, he also had to admit, "Tang Yan is not flawless in the process of second things."".

do you belong to senior management, senior technical personnel or master of business secrets?. If it is just ordinary employees, the company has no right to non competition.

2. and it is better to find a good Wangzhuan on-line, but also can be said to find a good team together. When I first started is to find their own Wangzhuan companies do, but later I discovered that in fact the talented group is the right choice, first of all, so your on-line will call you for a rebate, is equal to a copy of the extra revenue. Secondly, the cadre can as soon as possible to reveal the true face of a liar, you think you do hard to do for a few months, when to apply for payment, the website disappeared, or apply for payment, but others refused to pay. It is to gas hematemesis I have met. but if it is a team about 50 words of a few days can make on-line to terms of payment, so that you can identify the authenticity of the.

website as soon as possible Before the

but for Wangzhuan in this industry, I have worked in more than half a year.

1. persevere, the beginning of 1-2 months may be very little income, and even do not see what money, but as long as you stick to it, there will be a return,.

has the term of non competition been more than 2 years, if you >?

in China’s legal environment, non competition includes two categories, post tenure and post departure. In 2005, Li Kaifu left Microsoft to shlf1314, and was sued by Microsoft. It belonged to the non competition after the employees left.

needs attention:

I think do Wangzhuan must have the following points:

will be a little bit of my experience to do Wangzhuan novice to see, and they hope to help everyone. just click on the site.. But beginners should start with clicks

5., the next browser and Firefox browser is essential. For the click station, you can open more windows. This one opens, and the next one can save a lot of time.

so the problem is, now more and more entrepreneurs on a job in BAT and other large companies; some unlisted start-up companies will encounter core employees, leaving the business. So the competition terms, both sides should fully consider various legal risks, avoid in the business after the old club today or is to avoid the sudden departure of core employees caused huge losses. Both sides should be well prepared for the issue of turnover. Seven or eight point equity architect Du Guodong, lawyer, gave some suggestions.


entered into a written non competition agreement with you, or is there a non competition clause in your labor contract?. If it is not signed, the employing unit has no right to investigate the liability of the laborer.

, in fact, this is not a complete raid. According to the unfamiliar street submitted to the SEC prospectus, in November last year, a subsidiary of NetEase "Linux" has sent a lawyer’s letter to Tang Yan, said Tang Yan 2011 July founding street, released in August September from the unfamiliar street App, so the work contract with the NetEase turnover, competition and NetEase violates the agreement at the same time.


NetEase published "NetEase about former employees of Tang Yan against the occupation moral statement" the accused Tang Yan of working in a NetEase during the alleged violation of competition agreement, transfer of benefits and life style issues.

unfamiliar street listed on the eve of the NetEase claimed that founder Tang Yan contrary to professional ethics such as competition. How entrepreneurs can avoid the old club today after the start? How to reduce the company core staff of huge losses caused by the sudden departure? This is the seven or eight equity architect Du Guodong lawyer in terms of exclusive interpretation of non compete agreements.

4. don’t look down on every penny of the truth Many a little make a mickle. who all know, but really do not

3. to earn more, the rebate is essential, another way is to pull off the assembly line, but the line is not good. There are a lot of rebate site, others it is certainly a rebate, certainly will not go in vain. So for those who do not have the energy to do the webmaster who want to have substantial income, is something I do site, the more than 50 sites now, and my line is on my rebate, you can think of it, this number is very considerable. in fact, the 50 sites will finish everyday 2-3 hours only.

for entrepreneurs, after leaving the non competition, the threat is more urgent. In accordance with the labor contract law, the company may limit the employees may not engage in similar products or business within a period of time after leaving their office, and if employees violate the regulations, they should pay the liquidated damages to the company as if they were in violation. If you’re going to quit your job,


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