nternet profit model study notes 1 flow realized

when I was a literary youth, I had a desire to find a quiet city or a quiet street in a busy city where I opened a coffee shop. I told my (especially often work overtime stay up late) friends over this idea, surprised to find that it seems everyone’s heart, have a similar "desire", but there are also some coffee shop, bookstore, tea shops, toy stores etc..

A common feature of

‘s desire is that no one has basically implemented it at the end, most of the time. Perhaps, at that time, as a young man of literature and art, we could only see the romantic aspect of the coffee shop, but did not know the hardships behind it.

recently read some books and articles about the history of technology such as IT, consumer behavior and economic history, sometimes we feel more and more work, design, development, operation and so on, are like a coffee shop, in addition to immersed in the experience of ascension, problems are overcome, the growth of the data such as joy. Maybe we should jump out of these, about a business enterprise more essential things. Having understood this kind of thing, perhaps later can really open the coffee shop.

nowadays, the Internet has penetrated into the lives of many ordinary people like water and electricity. But from the point of view of the development of the industrial civilization, the Internet is still a new thing. About the Internet profit model, summed up, the category is still relatively clear. After that time, I intend to try my best to discuss the common profit patterns in the Internet world in my own way of understanding and classifying. Now, this is the first flow realisation model.


about traffic, we can easily understand its value in everyday life. For example, if you want to open a shoe shop, in the premise of reasonable rents, you will generally choose the bustling commercial street; you want to set up a stall selling egg cake, in the premise of protection can afford the fees, you will generally choose residential areas of the gate, the subway station exit, or office intensive the area. The reason is simple, because there are a lot of people in these places, and these people, many with demand, are likely to produce buying behavior.

on the other hand, have you noticed similar details: many supermarkets, if it has 2 floors, the general entrance on the 2 floor; if 3 floors, the entrance is on the 3 floor and nine out of ten; their exports, not surprisingly, will be on the 1 floor. The purpose of this setting is obvious, so that you can stay in the supermarket. In other words, supermarket operators believe that the longer you stay in a supermarket, the more likely you are to buy more.


, IKEA’s famous home store, is said to have used this strategy to boost sales. The so-called "ancient IKEA road" has been reported as "once >"

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