Analysis of train of thought and skill of Taobao passenger transport camp

I believe Taobao customer many friends have done, do good, also do not, for example, finally optimization is up, but a month were not a single, this kind of situation I first met, then I studied the user’s search buying habits, of course, one of the I also user, because I often buy things at Taobao, so I found some interesting rules and habits, to share to Taobao customers are friends, get together

can give you inspiration!

Taobao passenger camp mind map:


1. Selecting the right product

you may be tired of those who lose weight, breast and other products we are doing, because you know that these products really huge profits, but not your job, these products market is already a piece of red red red sea can’t


how to find a piece of blue ocean market products? You don’t have to follow these steps to find the cudgel thinking, and can be more effective, you’ll find a good product: enter the Taobao alliance, the classification of goods, according to the classification of screening / search you can think of the product key words: choose 30 days /30 days the amount of promotion commission expenses arrange all day, high commission shop, sales ranked high, this kind of product can be considered.

two, OK, make sure what you do, now you need to decide which shops or products to promote,


‘s first step: enter Taobao’s home page, search for the keyword for the product – by popularity – by sales – and then pick out the top 30 stores.

second step: use word to record its shop name, shop reputation, record commodity title, price, sales volume and so on.

third step: screen out the stores or commodities which have already participated in the promotion of Taobao customers, and record the percentage of commission.

fourth step: filter out Commission high, good commodity ranking, high sales, high reputation, good shop decoration, good after-sales service shops and commodities.

fifth step: after the first four steps down, and finally good to bad, picked out 10 shops within the widest coverage of the portfolio.

What is the most extensive coverage of

shops? So to understand whether the user enters Taobao from your Taobao guest website a set of links, how to search, how are you comparing promotion goods or shop, so no matter which one she bought at the end, you get a commission to a large number of chances.

Select the

three, Amoy site keywordsGroup

to the promotion of the goods has been determined, the rest is to choose the right keywords to do a station optimization, will choose the orientation, most desire to buy, the competition of small words, even if the word index is not high, is not accurate index of high word is much better, it must pay attention to. Not for >

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