Two websites double fire and ice

November 2008, accompanied by enterprise political work online, I summed up the five years of their own site, the heart journey in A5 and share with everyone to share. Ambitious, dedicated, focused on the enterprise political network, do specialized, do fine. Some netizens suggested that engineering survey network is betting on too much effort of the gesture, it is better to continue. And then re apply domain name, build a platform, two websites first, one after another on-line. But in a short moment, 100 days, the feeling is tantamount to Rainbow Night.

enterprise lands network devoted great effort for me, and learn the skills and knowledge of the maintenance of some site optimization in the webmaster online, more know the original king, constantly update the site with original content, the website was first included in Google, and have been looking forward to visiting the Baidu spider.

for attracting spiders, many users have introduced, first, take the initiative to submit a search engine, two is in some well-known BBS send some soft text. I think the highlights are enough.

about more than 20 days later, Baidu included the web site. Before Baidu included, the site traffic has been around 10ip, mostly from google. But after Baidu included, the IP from Google was almost zero. I don’t know why.

then according to the schedule has been updated are neither fast nor slow enterprise political work network. However, Baidu and Google have been included in more than 100, without increasing or decreasing. As a result of hanging two higher quality of the chain, PR in one and a half months after the rise to 2., flow has been around 30. In terms of keywords, politics, industry, politics, and the Internet are on the front page, but they are relatively low, somewhere around 7-9.

but this time I looked at the engineering measurement network, which I did 07 years ago and the content database at that time. After the line I was basically no control, but the statistical results but let me be frightened and change color.

first, site of the PR value is 4, which is in the website set up one month after the implementation, so far not fall; second, the IP website at around 150, and continued to rise; third, the "measure" the website such as one of the best position in the search keywords, directly over the traditional even the station is a long time measurement sites.

, that’s what keeps me from thinking. Why is the time difference between the two stations, a regular update, a basic web site, but such a result?

, the two website is enterprise political network:, Engineering Surveying Network:, my QQ:123501573, I urge you to guide me,


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