Webmaster, please don’t ignore your website LOGO

usually, when we look at a person, we first see his appearance, followed by the figure and the clothes (especially the satyr). We may not take a bath for a week, but every day wash your face, boys shave, girls make-up, the purpose is only one, to show the most beautiful side to others.

is a man, so do standing. I want to ask my colleagues: what do you place on the most prominent part of the site? What did the visitor see first when opening your website? LOGO. When others are saying, "content is king, the chain is emperor", of course, there is something about it, but doing so is largely done to the search engine. If a visitor comes to your site through search, see a Wuqi was a eight page, just to find a picture to write a few words to do LOGO, even if you have new contents, then the quality of the chain, I am afraid it is difficult to keep the pace of visitors.



the customer is God, so is the visitor. If someone is now using a good place in the search for you to stand a loyal group of visitors, you will change? Of course not. At present, most of my friends circle of webmaster do stand are the pursuit of economic interests, so visitors are our clothes, even more than a IP, even a pop, also can earn a few cents zero! So, please do not use it in order to save tens of dollars, just online to generate a LOGO. After all, it is our webmaster face


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