Web navigation design of website user experience design

recently, the research just D network site construction analysis of user experience design, the navigation design has their own point of view, now just D network some of their own results to share with you, hope to be able to offer help for everyone.

first, website navigation content design

website navigation content design, as concise as possible, so that users can quickly find the required knowledge classification through navigation. For example, just D network navigation


came to the official website just D network of friends, basically for the website have certain needs of users, through this navigation, you can quickly find the need to place their own, here you can see just D network case, just D network price range, some users are more concerned about the problem. These are meant to fit the user experience.

second, the navigation structure of the site

The navigation structure of

website can be divided into three major categories: one column display, one or two column display, and two stage column slider display.

level column display mode

can see just D network navigation, here just D network website navigation design due to something less, so the navigation involves only the display of a main program, to meet the needs of customers, with the website content may be made of one or two columns show all the portals.

one or two column shows

we can look at the 39 Health Network Navigation Design, as well as the navigation of the major portal design, are such a way of display. Take a look at the design of the 39 Health Network http://s.39.net


here, come to this website users can directly through the navigation bar to quickly find the required place, the main navigation website for a type of portal, for small scale website, you can choose a column display mode.

two stage column slider display

this is more suitable for a certain size of the enterprise web site, their products are more involved in the industry needs to be subdivided. Take a look at TCL’s official website, http://s.tcl.com/



these two two navigation is a more common design methods, we can choose according to needs, not only in line with the user experience, and will appear website more formal atmosphere.

will give you here, just D network design this site navigation, the >

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