Thinking about the way ahead of your personal website

(, happiness studio was founded in a class by training young people, focus on the design work. The recent visit of stationmaster net more, with the continuous promotion of happiness studio, single way from the previous acquaintance to the current network orders, I can not help but start thinking about your happiness, studio, where the road? What is ahead of you? What should be? I think, these problems not only. Happiness is the studio, is you, all the webmaster thinking.

grassroots webmaster rising, leading the national webmaster become a craze. Ready Program flying, let website construction become a kind of fast food, " as long as you know how to type, you can build " this slogan, more or less a bit harsh, a bit of irony, do website has become a bubble Guanghua


recently in the webmaster group which also often hear some webmaster to ask some basic HTML problems, there are also some webmaster asked not to download the entire site software can not help others, a little cold, webmasters have asked grassroots webmaster for you? Download ready-made procedures as something different to Admin5, ready to learn a few days of so-called optimization, and then find a cheap IDC, just let come swaggeringly line on the website, the website content is above you copy me, I copied you, or false original, then the Internet is a false prosperity.

here I would think about happiness studio how to go on the Internet, in the face of this trend, in order to make high quality website happiness studio how to survive? In other words, how do we use professional knowledge to beat those temporary transformation station but not do the webmaster?

I think all the high quality Internet companies and studios are like me, with such concerns and ideas. As a webmaster, not only has a good website idea, but also have a professional knowledge and management of the station, not really just typing. If you do not, and you want to site, please go to Admin5 or other learning forums, a good learning, and then do the webmaster, but also do not insult the grassroots webmaster name!


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