Tencent Product Manager the real operation is to face the people the seven emotions and six sensory

[Abstract] the author, Chen Tingting, 8 years of Internet operation experience, is currently QQ space function and innovation project operations leader. Was responsible for the young people should not watch the community mop.com hodgepodge operation, done anchor, played music, can do DAU million app, also the millions of fans mop.com thousand sails station, then look back, the operation is nothing more than two words of "human nature".


what is operation


said the operation, we want to know there are a lot of aspects, such as: how to tool products, the small cost of a sound propagation high operational activities, how to build from the community website, not known for as everyone knows.

today want to share with you, is a combination of human nature of some Internet products and operating methods, there are many cases to share with you, do not make an established rule summary.

the Internet is difficult to have a change constantly, the methodology can dominate the landscape, just as it is difficult to have a medicine can cure. I hope that through the case to help you think, in the face of the planning and operation of the future, we can more integrate the weaknesses of humanity, make more humane operations.

a lot of people do the operation of the students will have such a feeling, feel like running odd jobs, what to do.


so, what’s the operation?


in a broad sense, all human interventions around the web site are called operations. Subdivision, for different groups, through content, channels and other marketing products, and through the optimization of data indicators, operational means, product features and experience and other acts, referred to as operations.

products are children, operators are children. Product + operation; a product in order to function properly, can play a real role; to achieve coordinated operations.

What problems does

run when facing "people"


, pull pull, pull the new sink, is operating for three kinds of commonly used mode, today more want to share with you is behind the person, the human operator’s heart hidden.

pull new: how to involve more new users for products

live: how to make users involved in active

sink: how to make precipitation users become active, active users continue to active

about human nature,

, a good product and operation, is bound to cater to one of the seven sins of humanity. The quote comes from the founder of Linkedin, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist Reid Hoffma.

human nature refers to an idea, embodied in beauty at the same time, according to the living habits of consumers, operating habits, convenient for consumers, both full

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