Why college students apply for entrepreneurial subsidies is not high enthusiasm

2015 years, Sichuan province only one to get government funds 300 million yuan to support business students, but the enthusiasm of college students to apply for business subsidies is not high, why the universities and students for this good is not warm?

2016 years, countless people continue to run the public entrepreneurship, innovation, the marathon.

funds may become students start on the road the biggest stumbling block, how to untie the knot? Sichuan provincial government arranged 300 million yuan of special funds for college students entrepreneurship, in 2015 this year, only a subsidy for entrepreneurship reached $130 million.

2014 summer forum in Davos last September, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, to 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in a "public business" entrepreneur "of the new wave.

subsidies, into a force, motivating the students in creating farther down the road. The past two years, the province to promote the implementation of more than 1.7 College students.

dataSet up

the policy landing situation? Huaxi city newspaper with you to see a large group of data.

in many colleges and universities, Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity and receive subsidies in the declaration of the first "business". 5 a total of 716 projects to receive subsidies, accounting for the total amount of subsidies of 22.89%.

2015, the province were eligible for subsidies to college students’ Entrepreneurship group issued 130 million Yuan Jian

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