What is the most profitable to open shop in the school

a lot of college students after graduation, want to start a business, they are more familiar with the surrounding environment of the school, so I would like to start from that piece, then what is the school opened around the shop to make money? The following Xiaobian summed up the three schools around the lucrative industry, look at it!

money project: open a book store

she with forty percent off discount from the wholesale market to book 300 books, and then rented five cents once, a half hour, does not occupy students too much spare time, but also enrich the students’ extracurricular knowledge, also accelerated the turnover, half a month to recover the investment of 1600 yuan.

book store next to the University of the business scope is broad, is a novel, prose and other humanities books, two is the "data" and "exam" examination research postgraduate counseling books, three previous students selling books.

money project two: open a snack shop

money item three: open a print shop

print shop investment is relatively high, but also have a certain cultural foundation and basic skills. Print shop next to the target consumer groups should be positioned in the group of teachers. Many middle schools, especially in rural schools do not have the conditions of printing papers, but every year, even every month, every week, so try to make this school even the township school paper business of eating, then consider students copy business.

the print shop next to the University of the target consumer group should be no doubt in the student body. Now college students before graduation, should be carefully prepared submissions, and hundreds of dozens, hundreds, so that talent market for " ". Written laws; to some extent represents a person’s quality, mimeograph of course not, and the laser Phototypesetting machines, copiers more expensive, the average person does not have the necessary equipment, but to resort to the printing service. " >

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