The burning factory gives you the most complete balls

street, we often see the most of the burning of the octopus is burned, but you can look at a variety of balls in the burning plant to burn, to meet your taste buds on the ultimate demand for food.

The factory burned

pill "cartilage + cheese", tender and crisp coke in an instant fusion, more spicy fish Kyrgyzstan good beef meatball, Philippines incense burning, burning numerous underlings let you feel the crisp pill, the collision of tradition and innovation!

refreshing the taste buds throughout the summer, in the crispy Octopus skin can not hide the scent of fresh fruit. More blueberry flavor, Taigu banana burn, Hawaii fresh flesh…..

burning pills factory, to make the "meatball burn" using advanced intermediate frequency heating furnace, can make the "meatball burn" rapid and uniform heating, so make the "meatball burn" surface crispy and delicious, which can maintain the original material. So that the ball in the process of good retention of color, smell, taste, the Taiwan advanced production technology and the characteristics of the mainland flavor combination, effectively saving the cost of investment, a substantial increase in your marketing profits!

pellet factory investment advantages:

5 square meters can open a pill burning factory, no chef, 1-2 operation, quick start, 3-5 minutes for a meal. Shop covers an area of small, simple decoration, just 18 thousand and 800, no fire, no smoke, ensure health.

professional training guidance, one-stop output, full copy experience, no high level of education, everyone can do.

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