n the village, Taobao commander entrepreneurial rich

now Taobao entrepreneurial boom has spread to the vast rural areas, and has been welcomed by many farmers, in the vast rural areas, there are a lot of entrepreneurs began operating in the Taobao industry.

in rural Henan, returning the youth opened "business services" has become a fashionable business channel. They help the villagers villagers with online shopping, familiar with business model, and promote the local specialty of online sales, because of a new way of enriching. According to the Zhecheng county Party Secretary Liang Hui introduction, the integration of the countryside and the Internet is becoming a trend, both the government and the market force, boosting the Internet quickly into the rural areas.

these village service bag that is to live, by the Alibaba company, computer training, advertising, logistics and other inputs, the local government is responsible for the rent and utilities FTTH startup costs. "Taobao commander" as a partner, is responsible for the training of village network usage, sales commission is their income.

by carrying out some network training in rural areas to promote the majority of farmers Taobao entrepreneurial enthusiasm and skills will also solve a part of rural surplus labor force, at the same time, also provide a good business platform for many rural entrepreneurs.


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