No business license for college students need to learn more about sublet disputes

media reported a lot of college students entrepreneurial success stories, so that more students eager to do business, but also want to engage in entrepreneurship. However, it should be noted that, in fact, the success rate of college students is not high, students want to start the business can be psychologically prepared.

three to bet on tuition, but poor management in

komago and students of economics, Changsha a university student, three people had done business partnership, the sale of fruit products in school. During the opening of the fourth year, Xiao Sun try to start an entity shop.

"teacher and the teacher occasionally try to encourage their own businesses, this term and the establishment of entrepreneurship training courses." Xiao Sun said, found a new school in the mall, a lot of stores opened, the decoration is also good, near the shops that have a tea shop intends to store to others to do." Xiao Sun phone contact manager Liu, after the two sides signed a contract of sublet, the sun was the right to operate the tea shop a year to pay rent 11000 yuan per month, according to the quarterly settlement. "I thought the future life is very bentou." Sun introduced.

"the first month of the business is good, two months after the turnover can reach 7000 yuan." Yesterday about 1:30 in the afternoon, the school shops in the first Xiyuan mall door, the reporter saw a small business news time sun tea shop, the store about 30 square meters, the room was in complete darkness, hydropower was shut down in the lobby with two buckets, white paper scattered on the ground, the glass door is equipped with two locks.

komago said that three people had decided to turn through the online takeaway business tea shop, but found that the tea shop actually did not apply for a business license and health permit. To meet the business takeaway, law enforcement inspection, three will be closed to avoid detection, the decline in business.

12 8, a quarter of the time expires, komago were unable to pay the rent, Liu komago on the grounds of breach of contract termination, to recover the tea shop and said non refundable deposit of 20 thousand yuan. At that time, I was shocked, the deposit is the three of our tuition make up, and now the tuition fees did not dare to say with their families." Xiao Sun said.

to return the deposit, or take legal proceedings

komago, the school has many students of the facade is entrepreneurial projects, including clothing and snack shop etc.. Reporters noted that the entrance of a shopping management regulations, the provisions of the tenth prohibits unauthorized sublease and transfer, once found to terminate their own recommended door

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