Li Qian set up a stall selling bow can also be a monthly income of million

in the current new era, as long as we are good at grasping, everything can become a business opportunity, nature can also help us achieve rich. Of course, to achieve the goal of becoming rich naturally we need to choose the right business, business is correct. Now the public entrepreneurship innovation is being carried out in the hot, research and development, business, technology and so on to become a lot of people choose to start business. However, for the 28 year old Li Qian, she did not come up with a brilliant business plan, but by the hands of the heart of the bow tied to achieve their own small entrepreneurial dream.

serendipitously bow test the market

28 year old Li Qian in Sichuan Province, a district in the north of the city of Deyang rented two rooms and one hall, here is her house is her studio. The living room is full of colorful fabrics woven with bows, and looks a little messy. Even so, but for her, this room is full of her entrepreneurial passion and dreams. However, speaking of the bow, but some of the occasional.

it is understood that the Li Qian experience is quite rich, neither did the office work, did the training, but also as a teacher, to find a stable job, with a fixed monthly wage for most girls, it is most appropriate. But for Li Qian, but she had a strange idea, trying to put the stall entrepreneurship. In 2011, Li Qian finally took the first step in the industrial and rural areas began her stall career, and this continues until now.

"I was at work at the time, but in the evening I went to the stall to sell clothes." Li Qian said, one night can sell seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, while net profit of half. During the period, I know a person who likes to do a manual work. It was from this time that Li Qian, who had never learned manual, began to make a bow.

, according to Li Qian introduction, when the Deyang, there is no hand made a bow shop. However, she is also a kind of interest did not think of the braided bow out to sell. Every day, her work is to go to work during the day, the night put a stall, the family made a bow.

"every night to do a few, slowly more and more, and later my mother said, so many of their own can not wear, simply take out to sell." Mother’s advice to let Li Qian in the eyes, feel that this approach is feasible. From then on, her stall not only clothes and a bow.

On the first night of

, dozens of Li Qian’s bows were sold out. Because I do not know the price of the bow, selling very cheap, sometimes 5 dollars can buy a two. Later a reckoning, did not earn money."

popular bow can also be on the yuan monthly income

although the bow is very popular, but Li Qian still sell clothes recommend

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