The ten women’s brand ranking

Although the number of

pants Market brand a lot, however, because the consumption characteristics of the special women’s pants in the number of market brand is very large, want to choose a more reliable brand, but also need to choose the natural industry top-ranking brand. What are the good brand pants pants? If you don’t know these pants of the small brand information, in order to allow more consumers can rest assured consumption, comprehensive information on all aspects of sorting out the pants ten brands list.

pants ten brand ranking NO.1. ESEY ESEY

ESEY, a character but not abrupt, random but not self willed, not blindly have popular; implicit Oriental style, western style and full of passion; constantly refresh female creativity, continue to go beyond the classic pants.

pants ten brand ranking NO.2. M·SUYA MSUYA

M·SUYA, a commitment to build the ultimate intellectual woman style trousers brand, more than ten years, design, production and sales of her saintly enthusiasm devoted to women’s pants, to create the first brand of Chinese pants has been appointed, millions of the pursuit of elegant curves of the intellectual woman opened up an exclusive fashion pants space. From the past to the present, from the south to the north, M·SUYA helped countless women find the most suitable trousers image, sixteen years, the profession is engaged in women’s dress solutions experts, let them release the beauty from the inside to the outside, let them walk the footsteps of a more elegant and more confident! The future of M·SUYA, will still be countless women’s beautiful dream and persistent struggle!

pants ten brands list ‘NO.3. YERAD

Zhengzhou city

Garments Co. Ltd., women’s ten brands, Henan famous brand, Henan famous brand products, leading brand sales of chemical Chinese clothing pants, R & D, manufacturing, marketing and brand operation in the enterprise, in order to build the world’s most trusted professional enterprise to provide the most perfect pants, women’s pants the mission of practicing women!

pants ten brand ranking NO.4. Bestn Bestn

Guangdong Bestn Garment Co. Ltd., pants ten brands, trousers ten brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, one of the Guangdong clothing competitive enterprises, can also produce trousers, men’s casual pants, jeans for men and women six series of large private garment enterprises

Guangdong Bestn Garment Co. Ltd is founded in 1981, was born in the beautiful south, the industrial park is located in Guangdong city of Shanwei, headquartered in Guangzhou, is a set design, development, production and sales of large-scale clothing company, is currently able to produce both men’s and women’s trousers.

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