How to do a good job of video marketing tips

in our impression, making a video takes a lot of effort, in fact, this is not the case, there are some skills if mastered, video recording not only quickly, very simple, also do not have to spend too much money. How to do video marketing? Here are some simple tips.

with expert interviews to attract the eye of

enterprises in order to attract attention, a simple way to create a professional image of the video industry experts interview, and then uploaded to YouTube. Now a lot of smart mobile phone can record HD video, if you can guarantee the site full of light, plus an external microphone (all appliances or technology products store are available), recording the effect will be better. Audio quality is very important, do not save money here.

on the site (and YouTube) a good way to set up the video FAQ column is the establishment of professional image. Real estate broker Graham  Hunt in to create a "Valencia real estate" channel, to promote special listings, his rich understanding of Spain attracted a lot of attention. He took a series of short films in the title of "100 notes to move to Spain.".

Hunt said: "I think the best form of question and answer is to answer the most frequently asked questions." He took 4 days to shoot all the short films, and then send a day, continuous hair for 100 days. 4 years after the release of the video, he later introduced a series of "eight reasons for moving to Spain", and there are still a lot of home buyers who say they know Hunt through the videos. "My Y>