Mutual benefit of Chinese businessmen in Africa entrepreneurial story

Chinese since ancient times are generally non pioneering spirit, not only entrepreneurs struggle in China, there are many businessmen to invest and set up factories around the world, started work in Africa, has witnessed Chinese innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the.

Are non traditional friendship and strengthen cooperation in various fields China

business in Africa

in the East African countries of Uganda, Sichuan, a more than and 40 year old businessman Zhong Shuangquan has two factories and a warehouse in the capital city of Kampala old industrial area, mainly engaged in the production of plastic products.

1999 years, the English learning of Zhong Shuangquan on behalf of Sichuan, a private trade in Africa to africa. With a keen sense of business, he discovered the potential of the manufacturing sector, in 2003 to resign in business, in 2007 and friends in the local partnership opened a plastic factory.

, the initial stage, Chen Zhaodong in the hot African market, catch personally run sales, appeared in the streets of Garner and pier, although difficult, but the initial sales downturn. But that didn’t let him give up. Over the past ten years, is now a large international sales of tens of thousands of containers a year, in West Africa, East Africa and South America to carry out business in more than and 20 countries.

about entrepreneurial experience, Chen Zhaodong think, not rash, calm life rooted mentality is very important. He said that the first one to three years of private enterprises in Africa the most difficult, the goal is to survive, but we must focus on the long term, efforts to take root in Africa, relying on product quality to win the letter recommended

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