Yunnan innovation and entrepreneurship competition to attract a large number of projects

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in a recent period of time in many places in China to carry out a series of contest of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also attracted a lot of enterprises and entrepreneurs to participate in the Yunnan Province, innovation and entrepreneurship contest attracted many goals.


by ultraviolet to solve the soot pollution

in the public record salon, some innovation team and the enterprise introduces respective projects. Aceh Yunnan Environmental Technology Company Limited Corporation is a returned Liu Zhengping, doctor of philosophy, their enterprise project is "efficient ultraviolet photolysis fume purification environmental technology products".

The traditional

business platform


with Alibaba in the United States, as well as the rapid development of Jingdong, more and more people are attracted by the electricity supplier, want to seize this opportunity to achieve business. Hou Yifei, graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology, major in electronic and information engineering, worked in Kunming for a while and then went to Hongkong to study. The two years began to venture in Laos, he and several partners founded the first electronic business platform Laos, using O2O model.

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