Xining Chengbei green water project steadily

since the establishment of the national environmental protection model city activities, Xining City North District actively strive for the implementation of the project, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, clean water project construction has achieved good results.

North District from "economic growth, infrastructure investment, energy saving and emission reduction, pollution standards, capacity building" five key aspects to actively implement the declaration screening of agricultural projects, investment of more than 3000 yuan in recent years, focusing on the implementation of the Beichuan river water into the city "project, Tao Nan and Jin Jia Wan facilities agricultural water-saving irrigation project, Chaoyang nine Jia Wan Village and 8 stone Lei and Qi Jia Cheng et al animal project for safe drinking water and drinking water, water-saving irrigation, the water into the city drainage rivers comprehensive management" model "clean water project.

through the implementation of the project, completely solve the nearly 700 buildings in winter in solar greenhouse production in winter irrigation, more than 3 people in 10 villages of the resident population 11 thousand and 300 head of livestock drinking water safety problems, the project area villagers living environment quality and safety of drinking water, water-saving irrigation and emission reduction to achieve the national environmental quality standards, and earnestly solve the people’s livelihood the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection and production development, to create a good ecological civilization village environment. (author: Su Pingwu Hai Ying)

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