Xining RS seven measures to combat the crime of illegal invoices

Xining IRS recently held a special meeting to take seven measures to deploy the work to combat illegal invoices crime activities.

These include

, strengthen leadership, improve the understanding of the importance and invoices to combat criminal activities difficult and urgent; clear and focused; close cooperation, mutual support. In the fight against invoice illegal and criminal activities work, should fully fulfill their functions and duties, and mutual support and close coordination, strengthen communication and coordination, to form a joint force; check in place, strict law enforcement. Regardless of the collection, comparison, verification, processing work, leading cadres at all levels of inspection and supervision; measures in place, steadily. Check the work to achieve the "leadership is the key, security personnel are" more ways to work hard, carefully organized and implemented to ensure that invoices to combat criminal activities to strengthen the propaganda work everything in good order and well arranged; create momentum. Increase exposure to the case, in order to achieve a blow, shake a piece, rectify the effect of one party.


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