Refined to create a new benchmark for the north of the community


community is the community of urban residents, is the basic unit of society. North District government will always fine management idea in the community construction, community service area residents as the starting point to build its own characteristics development, the position of construction as the basis, in order to "chuangxianzhengyou" and a new round of basic organization construction activities as the starting point, the full implementation of the grid management and service fine "as the leading community service brand building, to promote community service consciousness of the masses, to strengthen the function of community service, residents of the degree of organization and autonomous awareness significantly improve the democratic management system more perfect, community service, office facilities have been changed completely, the region’s 23 communities gradually achieved a community with a community, a brand management pattern.

Reporter correspondent

  Fan Shengdong     right Guoxing; Wang Xiaoying

Mao Sheng Temple community

"two" management boutique community

Bridge Street Mao Sheng Temple community is one of the city’s efforts to build this year, one of the community, with the province’s first largest community integrated service center, serving an area of 1080 square meters. Community service station of the spirit of "sincere service, meticulous management ideas, management and service model innovation, the implementation of the Party branch, neighborhood, community service station" three-in-one "work in the new model, the services continued to expand the service channel and innovative services, enrich the service content, and strive to create grid management and service fine" two "brand community. Community development services and the needs of residents;

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