Yushu 4. 14 earthquake special issue of the year of 3

Yushu miracle

three years of good bye, beautiful Yushu return

is a April, three years after Yushu, my heart is full of hope. From the Yushu airport, the changes along the way let us cheer.

"this is the Zen village, which is the junction temple, this is our house!" The driver while driving, while introducing us.

data show that as of the end of 2012, Yushu post disaster reconstruction project 1248, started 1227, completed 911 projects, the completion rate of 73%, a total investment of 37 billion 925 million yuan. Yushu after the completion of urban and rural housing construction, the completion rate and occupancy rate reached 97% and 82.7%, respectively. Among them, 16668 sets of farmers and herdsmen housing completed, all the 20638 sets of housing starts, the completion of the 19585 households. The total construction of the town housing 12858 households, completed a total of 10993 households, the completion rate of 85.5%.

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