Xining 10 enterprises to provide the first shantytowns resettlement housing listings

Recently, the first batch of Xining shantytowns monetary resettlement housing procurement work carried out smoothly. After strict procurement bidding, the final determination of the resettlement housing procurement by 10 development enterprises to provide resettlement housing listings.

"according to the transformation of shanty towns in Xining city of monetary resettlement plan" and "Xining City shantytowns resettlement housing procurement process (Trial)", the first batch of Xining resettlement housing procurement procurement notice published in the Qinghai government procurement network, in accordance with the procurement process, the announcement after the expiration of the publicity for the work of the opening.

it is reported that the tender for a total of 19 enterprises for the development in the 16 development enterprises to participate in the bids. In the evaluation process, the evaluation experts in strict accordance with the procurement process and the requirements of the tender documents, on the development of the enterprise quality and project development procedures of the audit, the city housing security and Property Management Bureau according to the real estate network data, to participate in the evaluation of the project bidding price for the trial. Through open, fair, transparent and rigorous review process, and ultimately determine the placement of the housing purchase provided by the 10 enterprises in the development of resettlement housing listings, one package Seongbuk project for the 7 enterprises, two projects for the city area package of 3 companies. City housing security and the Housing Authority will be in strict accordance with the policy requirements, during the successful unit publicity, urge Chengbeiou and City District Construction Bureau to levy, the housing organization and other related preparatory work in advance, to ensure the smooth development of the project, to promote the shantytowns monetary resettlement work, and in strict accordance with the documents required to do the disbursement of funds etc. related work, summarize the experience, provide a strong guarantee for the future shantytowns monetary resettlement.  

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