Datong County population and family planning bureau to actively carry out voluntary service activiti

to conscientiously implement the volunteer service activities of a city county office organized the "national clean hands, the family circle, create civilization" activities, to guide the citizens to participate in city greening, beautification, purification, creating beautiful environment, create a good order, building a better home. County population and family planning bureau to respond positively, fully cooperate, dispatched manpower and vehicles to carry out health work in the prescribed time and sections.

9 8, population and family planning bureau to use a shovel, fire bars, brooms and other tools were deployed in 40 human, clear the beach along the railway door surrounding life garbage, cluttered building materials and dead waste of more than 20 woven bags, and the garbage landfill located properly, so that no "white pollution, no sewers, no mess ride luangai, non cluttered, no dead angle, better regulation of the regional health dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon, to create a" civilized Datong ", meet the city civilized degree index evaluation work building blocks.


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