Provincial Government deployment of security work

6 2, the provincial government held a special 2016 entrance security work will convey important instructions to learn and implement the central and provincial government leaders on the college entrance examination work instructions, and to the entrance security work carried out to arrange the deployment.

meeting pointed out that the provincial government attaches great importance to the safety of the college entrance examination, requiring the province to carefully organize, create favorable conditions to ensure the smooth conduct of the college entrance examination. Meeting the requirements of the province all localities and departments should further enhance political awareness, overall awareness, adhere to the problem oriented, the existence of the weak link to timely rectification, leak filled, do not stay dead. To strictly implement the responsibility, layers of decomposition of the task, a clear responsibility, conduction pressure, a grasp level, layers of implementation.

should focus on Zhuazao grasping small grasping thin realistically, each link one by one investigation entrance security work, to focus on and key links, improve the safety management measures, strict papers do distribution, transport, transfer, storage and other aspects of the work, strictly implement the relevant rules and procedures of operation, prevention of high-tech cheating. To strengthen the supervision and accountability of irresponsible, security is a problem of departments and individuals strictly accountable accountability. Local governments to co-ordinate and strengthen linkage, enhance the work of the system, coordination, the formation of working together to ensure safety management seamless, no loopholes.

it is reported that after the joint efforts, the province’s college entrance examination work is generally smooth.

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