To the life of the city very near the city of happiness build a strong big safety pattern let people

safety production is the basic premise of sustained and healthy economic development, is an important starting point to promote economic restructuring and upgrading!

in order to let the people live and work in peace, the work safety supervision department, attaches great importance to the production and the life of the masses is closely related to the field of safety work, adhere to the people-oriented, the concept of safe development, always tighten the string of safety, alarm bells ringing, even for a moment can not relax. In recent years, Xining city safety production work to firmly establish the "scientific development, security and development" concept, to improve the production safety supervision mechanism, optimization of production safety management structure, the formation of full coverage, the whole process supervision of production safety supervision grid "goal, scientific construction safety supervision work, pay close attention to the enterprise the main responsibility for production safety and production safety supervision departments of government responsibility, and carry out the investigation and management of security risks special action to crack down on illegal behavior, to further promote the standardization construction of safety production, effective control of production safety accidents, safety production index for 3 consecutive years the number of accidents, the death toll of the" double down ", has won the honor the country, the province’s production safety advanced area, for the Xining city construction has become the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, happiness City, creating a good environment for safe development.

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fine idea –

scientific construction of big safety supervision regulatory pattern

safety related to the whole society in various industries and fields, the work safety supervision and administrative supervision involving various government departments, in order to prevent production safety supervision appear leak control or repeated supervision, in 2010, the municipal government put forward the idea of "great scientific construction safety supervision work pattern, to make scientific production safety responsibility standardized and refined as the starting point, to increase the city areas and key industries, the safety committee of the member units of the guidance and coordination of the supervision and inspection, decompose the production safety responsibility system, pay close attention to production safety supervision, industry supervision and territorial management responsibility, strengthen safe production base the work of grass-roots; to formulate and implement the safety production of joint law enforcement system, production safety supervision work system, regular production safety in Xining City Analysis of conference system work system as the starting point, continue to strengthen production safety leading cadres a pair of responsibility to promote safety education training, crack down on illegal production and management, deepen the investigation and management of security risks, and promote safe production standardization construction, promote the unified leadership of the government, the safety committee will provide guidance and coordination of departments in accordance with the law responsible for overall supervision, enterprise, community wide support "and" safety "work pattern construction constantly consolidate and perfect.

sounded the alarm;

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