Remote sensing monitoring data show that the maximum area of 12 years in Qinghai Lake

Xinhua news agency in Xining on 21 October, the Meteorological Bureau of Qinghai province latest remote sensing monitoring data show that in 2012 Qinghai Lake area of 4402.5 square kilometers, the lake area of 8 years continuously increasing, reached the maximum value in the past twelve years.

Qinghai Lake is the largest inland saltwater lake in China. It is of great significance to the regional environment of our country because of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. However, due to the impact of natural and human factors, the past few years Qinghai Lake water area shrinking, causing widespread concern at home and abroad.

Qinghai Institute of Meteorological Sciences since 2001 for 12 consecutive years of satellite data monitoring and analysis of the same period after the discovery, in the past 12 years, the trend of the area of the Qinghai Lake is first reduced and then increased. In 2004 as a watershed, the smallest area in 2004, the lake area began to increase in 2005, this year, an increase of 48.8 square kilometers over the same period last year, an increase of more than 158.05 square kilometers in 2004.

according to the analysis, the main reason for the rising water level of Qinghai Lake in recent years, the Qinghai Lake Basin Rainfall continued to increase, the lake evaporation decreased. Meteorological experts believe that since mid May this year, most of the precipitation in the surrounding areas of Qinghai Lake, more abundant rainfall to increase the amount of water to Qinghai Lake, the area continues to increase.

but at the same time, experts pointed out that in recent years, Tibetan Plateau affected water vapor condition changes, showing the overall trend of warm climate, and global warming conditions caused by glacial meltwater increased, also one of the factors causing the rise. Experts said that the environmental impact caused by the increase in the size of Qinghai Lake is more complex, although the next few years will continue to increase the situation, but the long-term sustainability remains to be further studied. In order to ensure the development of the environment of Qinghai Lake, the environmental protection and protection of the Qinghai Lake basin need to be further strengthened. (author: Chen Guozhou)

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