Oil and gas exploration in Qinghai oil field is increasing to scale

Chill, oil and gas exploration in Qaidam basin into nirvana. The Altyn mountain cattle 10 wells tested gas clouds see fog ", obtain high-yield industrial gas new layer, the first round of key wells drilled in March 10th all, the highest cumulative footage of 3000 meters, oil and gas exploration in the first ray of sunshine in the spring".

limited exploration costs on the edge of the knife, to find more quality, size, and efficiency of oil and gas reserves is to crack the oil price "winter" the most effective way. In 2016, Qinghai oilfield oilfield research institutes and give full play to "think tank" role, in dozens of potential exploration targets in selecting the best, the Spanish, Zaha springs, cattle in three oil and gas exploration reservoir increase the size of the main battlefield, and strive to complete the three levels of oil and gas geological reserves of 2 tons to.

oil storage is the cornerstone of long-term steady development. ES is the first main battlefield of the field this year, increasing the size of reservoir in petroleum exploration. Therefore, the formation of an oil exploration project department deployed veteran soldiers and able captains, signed a "military order", the annual proven reserves of 30 million tons, built 90 thousand tons of production capacity. Zaha springs has been formed to promote pre exploration results block on Evaluation of integration, increase production quality and storage building integration, storage, formation of scene as soon as possible, to provide reliable resources for "13th Five-Year" built thousands of tons of oil and gas field in plateau.

natural gas storage is the pillar of oilfield development. At the beginning of the February oil and gas exploration project to return to work after the Qinghai oilfield of Qaidam Basin, tightly pegged to the Altyn mountain cattle, Dongping natural gas exploration of the broad prospects, optimized deployment, accelerate the production rhythm, cattle 10 wells in the upper Jurassic won the high yield of natural gas exploration has made new progress; new cattle 1 wells in deep bedrock interpretation a layer of 190 meters 23, gas testing work has been started, the mystery of natural gas exploration in deep bedrock is lifted.


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