1+x supporting policies to accelerate innovation in Laoshan Mountain

District of Laoshan Mountain to fully implement the management policy call, introduced a number of supportive policies, to pave the way for entrepreneurs. After the latest innovation and entrepreneurship 1+x supporting policies, local entrepreneurship has made an important guiding role.

new public record space maximum subsidy of 5 million talents; entrepreneurial team maximum support 2 million; enterprise technology trading volume maximum subsidy of 1 million; given the highest 1 million of the intellectual property rights of public service platform construction funding…… Recently, Laoshan district to support the introduction of public record and its operation mechanism, space science and technology service industry customer and technology enterprises, and intellectual property development and other four policy, the release of the dividend policy, through increased capital support policy envelopes boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

1+X model   improve the innovation and entrepreneurship policy system

to construct "three a park community" as the focus, more radiation development, professional nursery, incubator, accelerator, industrial park ladder type carrier chain, provide sufficient innovation carrier for all kinds of guests. To develop high-end business service resources and advanced mode, adhere to the "professional recommended

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