Promote public entrepreneurship should grasp the four elements

public entrepreneurship, innovation, the whole society into the madness of entrepreneurial boom in. In order to actively promote the public entrepreneurship, the government has also done a lot of effort, the government proposed to promote the public to do a good job of "four elements" slogan.

1. to create an entrepreneurial social atmosphere. Through propaganda, public opinion guidance, education and training, and vigorously promote the party and the country on support policies and measures to encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship to promote the importance of economic development and its achievements, create respect for entrepreneurship, innovation, respect talent concept, advocate the courage to venture, willing to venture, failure tolerant social fashion, make entrepreneurial aspirations is encouraged, supported and respected action results.

2. to cultivate entrepreneurial awareness of social priorities. In college students, vocational students, soldiers and migrant workers, rural labor and all possible entrepreneurial groups, extensive entrepreneurial training, teach the success of market economy, enterprise construction, case, technology transfer and other knowledge, cultivate entrepreneurship cell, spread the seeds of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become a kind of value orientation, life the way, the trend of the times, to promote employment through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial wealth through income.

3. to enhance the social consciousness of public entrepreneurship. Through business planning, business projects, business consulting, information dissemination and other means, so that tens of thousands of entrepreneurial talent has become the main market, the formation of "entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, I want the first public business entrepreneurial innovation ecological culture system.

Second, creating the appropriate entrepreneurship soil". Soil is the basic platform for entrepreneurship development. To create high-quality platform to provide the necessary conditions for the public to take root. 1 make full use of resources platform. To take advantage of scenic spots and scenic resources, vigorously promote tourism companies, hotels, commercial street, farmhouse, Lin Jiale, restaurants, tourist shops and other business development, to the use of land, forests, water and other agricultural resources, vigorously promote family farms, large farming, professional cooperatives, agricultural and sideline products processing business development use the rich resources of agricultural and rural revitalize.

2. make good use of asset platform. To make use of idle factories, idle rural schools, idle office space, idle commodity housing and other types of assets, to create a small business park or entrepreneurial base, the development of small and micro enterprises and individual operators. Through a series of training action, bigger and stronger the main market, the formation of large enterprises, small enterprises of indomitable spirit "" overwhelming "lively situation.

3. make full use of information platform. To make full use of information network and e-commerce network platform, creating economic development vigorously, encourage the recommendation

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