Qingdao efforts to cultivate college students’ Entrepreneurship fertile soil

college students are now enjoying the business hitherto unknown preferential benefits, the parties for their support, fostering more entrepreneurial seed with vast fertile soil. In such a favorable era, college students will embark on a new level.

2015, founder of Qingdao billion Media Co., general manager of Yue plexus is two times, the key of entrepreneurial energy savings a year, although the external environment is not optimistic, but thanks to the tanzan creative factory rent relief, free use of public facilities and other incentives, a year down sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan burden for enterprises. With the words of

plexus jump "provides high quality, fertile tanzan creative factory for entrepreneurship, let startups thrive here, to accelerate the development of." On December 2015, tanzan creative plant expansion in "tanzan hit off factory" in the name of the new appearance, enterprises can increase the hatching Yetai expanded the number of enterprises, to further enhance the ability of entrepreneurship as carrier hatch.

2015, the city people club bureau closely around the city "three" action requirements, conscientiously implement the students start to lead the program, students start working more flowering, business support, carrier construction, entrepreneurship competition, training and other work made a number of breakthroughs, implementation of the archives, upgrading and expansion, to create a good fertile ground for the college students entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship policy

"3 years training 30 thousand students hit off, to create 50 distinctive public record space, 15 thousand college students to support entrepreneurs……" June 2015, as the city’s social and Human Resources Bureau and the Qingdao daily / Youth newspaper network strategic cooperation of the first pragmatic initiatives, the two sides in the city officially launched the college students venture   seagull action plan".

"the introduction of the" Seagull action plan ", both of the original policy breakthrough, realize the expansion of standard; it inherits the original experience, the existing policy effect is done by. The overall purpose is to start from the needs of the college students’ entrepreneurial life cycle, combing the analysis of the constraints of college students entrepreneurship problems and short board, targeted solutions." Qingdao college graduates employment guidance center director Zhu Qingzhu said.

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