The majority of the owners of the new welfare of Fujian lowered the standard charge tag

with the continuous improvement of living standards, our spending power has been significantly improved, in the daily life of the car has been a greater popularity, there are car owners become a common phenomenon in society. At the same time in order to encourage car users widely used toll tags, combined with the actual situation of electronic tags and min card purchase cost decreased, Fujian Province Price Bureau will cut the toll highway toll standard electronic tag. The new standard has been implemented since November 25th, the implementation period of 2 years.

the majority of the owners of the new welfare, Fujian lowered the standard tag fees for such a good news can not miss oh! It is reported that the toll tag charges Highway, each (including electronic tags and min card) will be adjusted from 300 yuan to 260 yuan, min card is lost or damaged up card fees from each card 20 yuan to 15 yuan. The implementation of government guidance fees limit management, shall not go up, allowed to fall.

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