Lemon Daren join make money

in the catering market occupy half of the country in the past 2016, the beverage market, sales prospects are still a good. Beverage consumption is an essential part of the daily lives of many consumers. Among the many drinks in the current project, lemon Daren drink has a high popularity. Do you know how to make money? 2017 the most profitable drink item, you’re worth it.

lemon drink as a brand of innovative beverage brands in the country has a high popularity, consumers of all ages are very popular with lemon drink. Huge consumer base to lay a solid foundation for making money, join the lemon fashion drinks do not worry about profit.

lemon Daren join make money? You can see the profit analysis below.

lemon Master with hot single product Kumquat Tea as an example

retail price: 12 yuan

cost secret:

(fresh lemon tea base + + kumquat fruit extract) < 2.5 yuan + (packaging) 0.5 yuan / set < 3 yuan

profit > 3/12*100%> 75%

single product earnings amazing, the whole store earnings more objective.

2017 lemon drinks Master join activities have started to carry out a number of promotions fiery, immediately on the website below message consultation will have a professional business consultant for your detailed introduction, and there is a surprise gift for you. Lemon Master joined money? Master lemon drinks business profit be nothing difficult.

to read more than a lemon Master drinks introduction of the brand to believe that your money is not the problem has a more comprehensive understanding, if you still have what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you to see the message after.

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