Beware of fake money to stall the novice

often see a variety of news reports, the old man old mother who worked hard to Chutan, but received a fake money, the way we all wept tears sad endless. In fact, not only is the elderly who received fake money, if the stall, probability of encounter these fake money will be very high. In short, the new stall should be aware of is a fake money, according to predecessors said all the stall where there are people specifically looking for a new face to start, a lot of people have received fake money, but I received two pieces of half two to stall one hundred false money.

stands for second days, is a more than and 40 year old aunt, I bought a car accessories, originally sold fifteen, a minimum of twelve dollars to sell, she also doom me ten dollars, I let her together, she took out one hundred, I ask her to change, she said only a few blocks give me 101 is not enough, so I didn’t see her for 90 dollars. The husband comes home in the evening to see is false, I find her 90, plus the cost of my pendant 6, equal to two days for nothing ah, my depressed ah, but I was more optimistic, did not leave a shadow.

that night, I carefully studied how to distinguish between true and false money, and then in order to avoid receiving a large amount of money, I only take twenty or thirty dollars a night. The second tragedy occurred in July 17th, before the change to any day will not happen, because I average three hours a day to sell more than and 40 dollars, a lot of money to someone I can’t find, but yesterday I sold more than and 90 dollars.

, a more than and 30 year old woman, bought a pair of earrings 5 dollars, she said the change only three block, gave me one hundred, I carefully using a variety of methods to test the authenticity, is really determined, I do not worry, take to sell clothes beside the big sister to sister. Said no problem, I went back to the money, the woman said she had a five block, but I saw a small cut off.

she pretended to find on the ground, no way to give me one hundred, and then I made the two, did not look at it, to find her, a night to sell all the money to find her. I first realized that there are no stupid guys, think they are the same with oneself, the second is pay attention to distinguish, but not against fraud means.

second times, is a typical switch, usually give a liar Zhen Zhang, out of change and when you are ready, take her money, really one hundred, found that the change is not enough, then give you one hundred, the one hundred have while you do not switch to prevent. Liar means more and more, the good man is obviously not enough ah! Eat two hundred dollars of losses, the lesson of blood, the long memory, the people also recognize the sinister.

Many novice

once the business stall will be very happy, also cannot see even cautious, beware of professional means crooks. In short, for many stall novice, if you are not sure, may >

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