Ji’nan adjust work time to cope with heavy rain

talking about the weather this year, for many cities, the impression is perhaps a storm after another, and even affect the lives of many people. In response to the upcoming storm, the first time in the history of Ji’nan to adjust commuting time. Compared with the previous storm prevention work notice, this year’s announcement was significantly shorter. After the notification, the relevant work is ready?

adjust the commuting time, companies do not perform what

this notice, that is, to the organs and institutions to see it, it should be difficult to comply with the general enterprise." 18, to see the time to adjust the work of the notice, a private enterprise in the work of Mr. Zhang issued such a feeling. Recently, his work is very busy, overtime work is not finished, so the temporary adjustment of commuting time, he believes that the possibility is not.

in the Bank of the Soviet Union also believes that the bank is unlikely to perform, the bank is the window to the public service, even under heavy rain, we can not be closed in advance."

also has this concern and work in the provincial capital of a large shopping center, Ms. qin. In her view, if this notice is not mandatory, it is tantamount to the enterprise is not required. "If the enterprise does not carry out, how can?"

SMS push coverage, and then some big

"is the news true?" Until 18 on the evening of more than 10 points, Mr. Wang’s circle of friends is still someone asked him the source of the news. Obviously, this afternoon in the work of the message sent, and not the first time passed to all citizens.

it is understood, according to the Ji’nan city has just issued the "city flood emergency plan notice" requirements, the city should take various flood warning information release channels, City Economic and Information Commission, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, Ji’nan radio and television and other departments to coordinate and organize the relevant units issued by radio, television, SMS, information network, electronic display internal cable way; the Municipal Public Security Bureau, civil air defense office and other departments issued by the alarm, propaganda vehicles etc..

airport, station, bus, important junctions, squares, tourist attractions and other crowded places of management units should be set up and use of electronic display devices and other facilities to play early warning signals. To the crowd gathered in the underground shopping malls, schools and other special places and alarm blind area to take a targeted release.

in these ways of transmission, text messages may be a relatively direct. But I do not know why, not everyone to push the message." Ms. Cao said the people, their family of four people, only one person she received the information, the other three people have not received. "This important recommendation

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