Do not blindly complain shop

as long as there is a customer shopping, bargain is a very usual things, in this case, different shop owner will naturally have a different solution. The shop for many years, often meet customer bargain. My experience is that if the customer to explain their own difficulties, often counterproductive.

a summer afternoon, a customer display cabinet at the moment, in the cold and said: "boss, give me a beer!" Most beer is 9 bottles for a mention, mentioning some relatively low prices, an average of 2 yuan per bottle. However, due to the limited space, high electricity costs, display cabinets are placed in a single bottle of beer, is not frozen before selling price: 2.5 yuan. Many years of retail experience makes me understand that the customer saw display cabinets in a single bottle of beer is placed, say you want to buy a beer, is the implication in the bargain.

Feel shy, "

did not mention the iced beer, is a single bottle, the bottle is 2.5 yuan." I explained.

"why so expensive? The whole mention to buy only 2 yuan a bottle!" The customer said with displeasure.

, the whole mention to sell, we will earn 1 yuan, simply not enough electricity. Our shop is a commercial electricity prices, the price is relatively high……" I hastened to explain.

"that doesn’t bottle 5 corner electricity ah!" Customers are "aggressive"".

customer words let me think should give him a reasonable explanation, he replied: "if we do not have a profit, what I have to support the elderly, raising children? We got up early everyday, this noon also Qiangdajingshen for customer service, this profit is earned……" Before I finished, the customer’s eyes would make me feel like a lame argument, he hesitated and turned away.

did not take long, and a customer into the store, bought a dozen bottles of iced drinks, the same bargain: "boss, I bought so many drinks, you should give a bit cheaper!"

"before this drink into the freezer is the price I have without electricity!" Learn from the lessons of last time, I changed my ideas, not blindly complaining, but simply replied.

"oh!" The customer paused and muttered, "Yeah."!" He did not speak again, pay the money and then picked up the drink away.

so, if a customer complaint, but will not believe, sometimes also the loss of the customer, therefore, if you want to make the development of shop business is booming, also need to master more skills, to truly grasp the consumer psychology, this will get more consumer recognition, shop business is naturally you can fire up. >

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