How to ensure the quality and safety of imported fruits to take a number of regulatory measures in S

fruit in our life is very beneficial to our health, so the fruits of our lives are inseparable, but how to ensure the quality and safety of imported fruit? The reporter learned from Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 2016, Shenzhen port of entry fruit value of $2 billion 258 million, an increase of 17.97%, for many years to maintain rapid growth. The main fruit variety, durian, cherries, grapes etc.. The 5624 batch of substandard fruit, the value of failure rate of 10.08%, an increase of 0.91 percentage points; 135, all kinds of epidemic intercepted 32793 times, including 7 kinds of quarantine pests, 2043.

in order to ensure the safety and hygiene of imported fruit rapid clearance, Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take a number of effective regulatory measures:

is the implementation of the "pre clearance" measures, for the integrity of the good enterprise, allowing the first clearance after the inspection, the inspection and quarantine inspection in advance to synchronize with the customs, thus speeding up the efficiency of customs clearance.

two is the opening of the "Easy Access", the implementation of the priority of cabinet to Hong Kong fruit inspection, shorten the time to ensure the preservation of fruit quality.

three is in the same area, the same species, the same consignor of the "triple" fruit combined cabinet inspection measures, reduce the number of cabinet, shorten the inspection time, speed up customs clearance.

four is the implementation of the reform of paperless, streamline business processes, internal electronic visa process, to further improve the level of customs clearance facilitation and customs clearance efficiency, reduce the cost of enterprise, promote the Shenzhen ports fruit trade development.

material life is satisfied, at the same time, people’s demand for fruit is also increasing, imports of fruit to become a program to meet the market, to ensure that the quality of the fruit is fundamental! Fresh fruit risk monitoring, detection of sulfur dioxide content exceed the standard in Thailand longan; from Thailand coconut fruit color detection grams from Philippines banana in Budweiser exceed the standard; two batches detected carbendazim residue from Australia citrus exceed the standard; the detection of Omethoate exceed the standard; from Thailand frozen lotus two pomegranate Salmonella exceed the standard.

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