The second Sliced noodles join details

Sliced noodles in the well-known brand is the second project of Shanxi Sliced noodles. The second Sliced noodles heritage Shanxi Sliced noodles authentic taste, small business, only for consumers to consider. Strong investment support, production is simple, affordable. Suitable for the majority of entrepreneurs.

join conditions:

1, with sufficient working capital,

2, agree with the development of the brand and obey the headquarters arrangement,

3, with certain experience or contacts,

4, and enterprises to establish long-term cooperation.

how to join the two Jin Sliced noodles

join support:

1, brand support – you can use the Shanxi second name and trademark, certificate issued by the franchisee.

2, operational support – a full set of store operations information and at any time to enjoy the latest halogen products, food products update information, and guide the operation.

3, human resources support, assist the franchisee recruitment staff, staff and teachers face according to need by the headquarters sent field guide.

join process

1, investment to the store site visits

2, the two sides signed: single store join way, regional franchise purchase

3, financial procedures

4, Shanxi second promotion center, opened to business center department intends to place field survey and design

5, design decoration

6, training staff, guide the operation of

7, opening (start material distribution, etc.)

8, continuous guidance and business quality monitoring, free training

9, continued licensing

10, to long-term success

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